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Get the latest XXHighEnd version here, Posts Topics, Last post by PeterSt in XXHighEnd Model - Respe on March 23, , pm. Prices of review items: XXHighEnd software household license €72, Phasure NOS1 Asynchronous DAC € ex VAT, custom Windows PC € (kit). A shocking proof for just how important minimized OS can be is playing music with this option switched off. Anything that makes music real instantly vanishes.

October 20, , pm by PeterSt · Linear Power supply for old XXHighEnd PC · boleary, 13, , Last post August 29, , am by christoffe. XXHighEnd runs fully fletched on Windows Vista, Windows 7 (advised SP1), 8, and 10, advised Builds , (both formally expired. for what could be a better alternative to foobar, i highly recommend www. simroofing.com the gui is almost non existent but sound quality.

Hey guys - Just wondering if anyone has used the XXHighEnd program. I've seen it compared to many programs like foobar. It only runs on. For some time I have had a Phasure DAC and XXHighEnd system up and running and it truly does make for an extraordinary source for Computer based audio. He also says, that XXHighEnd sounds better on Windows Vista than Windows XP . He provides three modes for playback, called "Engines".