Cabal ph arcane trace patch download


Cabal ph arcane trace patch

Stay tuned to CabalSEA's website and facebook for date of patch and news! Somehow, people started to call this place as Arcane Trace and still it is .. initially on Wordpress as an unofficial weblog for CABAL Online. Some weeks ago, I've posted the Full Patch notes of Arcane Trace update from Cabal SEA, it's really useful but too long ;) Want to get a quick. I may have posted less Cabal-related stuff lately but it doesn't mean I have patch notes and manual patch for Cabal Online's upcoming update, Arcane Trace. has announced that CABAL Online EU has been updated with a large patch. Called "Arcane Trace", the update brings an. Cabal Ph Arcane Trace Manual Patch Password Displaying all posts related to Cabal Online PH s major and minor episodes and patch. Dear CABAL players, CABAL Online Episode VIII: Arcane Trace has just went live. You can see the patchnotes below: CABAL Online Episode.