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Setfsb linux

Linux FSB overclocking tool. Linux FSB overclocking tool. Download latest version · Supported PLL list · If your PLL is not supported · If you can't see i2c/. Linux utility to change the base clock (FSB/Front Side Bus) frequency on the fly. CloudBerry Backup is a Windows, Linux, MS SQL, and MS Exchange server backup software. c2ctl is an Intel Core and Core 2 frequency and voltage modification utility. I'd like to get Linux overclocking working too. Currently I need to bootup in XP/ Win7, run setfsb, then warmboot into Linux to have the faster PLL.

However, since gaming in Linux becomes possible as more and more video games distributors release video games in Linux, one may wish to. Discuss anything Linux related that doesn't fit into any of the other areas. Project Summary. Linux utility to change the base clock (FSB/Front Side Bus) frequency without having to restart the machine.

tags: MSR kernel module, c2ctl, k10ctl, TurionPowerControl, indicator-cpufreq, cpupowered, overclock, linux c2ctl: a program for overclocking. heinäkuu Pienellä yrittämisellä saa lähes kuvaan kuin kuvaan myyttistä auringonpaistetta! Tähän liittyy kuulemani afrikansuomalaisen lausahdus. EvilClock for Linux. This is the barebones equivalent of a ClockGen or SetFSB program for Linux. It uses the I2C/SMBus API to reprogram the clock generator IC .